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If you are not sure when your car requires a new belt, contact our Service Team and they can let you know.



Timing belts can fail without warning. It is important that your belt is changed at the manufacturer’s recommended interval to avoid expensive future engine costs or complete engine failure.


Timing belts (Cambelts) & Timing Chains control the engine valve cycle sequence to ensure correct fuel combustion timing and compression.


Interference engine design allows pistons and valves to interfere or make contact if the timing sequence is not set correctly or if the timing belt snaps resulting in piston and valve damage requiring an engine rebuild with new pistons and valves.


The timing belt must be replaced at a specified by the manufacturer interval. This interval may vary from 60,000 miles to 105,000 miles (from 96,000 km to 168,000 km). In addition, the timing belt must be replaced if it has any damage like cracks cuts or excessive wear.


The lubricants, hydraulic fluids and anti-freeze chemicals used within the engine bay can degrade the rubber polymer compounds used in timing belt manufacture. As a consequence the belt life can be greatly reduced, especially if exposed to increased operating temperatures


If you are unsure when your vehicle timing belt needs replacement, telephone our service department and we will let you know when it does.


Always check when buying a second hand car that the belt has been changed (if required) or the mileage of when it needs to be changed.


Contact one of our Service team and they will let you know if

your belt needs replacing, it could save you a lot of money!


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